Natural enhanced
release technology

A new biomimetic platform technology for the
development of topical products using sugars.

Our first product:

A new generation of natural, non-toxic mosquito repellents with greater than 100% improved efficacy.

Our product is a completely safe mosquito repellent that lasts over 12 hours and offers a more natural alternative to current products.

Being of natural origin, it can be applied to young children as well as pregnant women.

A new generation of mosquito repellents that will revolutionize the market. 



A totally new concept in the process of releasing compounds for topical application on human skin based on natural processes.

Using enzymatic, cell-free synthetic biological techniques, different types of sugars are attached to natural molecules to form more stable glycoconjugates.

On contact with the skin, the products are metabolised and the natural molecule is released again, offering a method that is stable, efficient and long-lasting.

A new and broadly applicable platform technology that enhances the performance of topical products

The first product

of many

This innovation, based on the enzymatic modification of biologically active alcohols, will allow for improved performance in markets such as:

Insect repellents Agrochemicals Pharmaceuticals Medical devices Cosmetics Veterinary