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Glycoscience was founded with the aim of developing practically harmless insect repellent products with effectiveness increasing from 2 hours to 72 hours. It began its business activities by developing a patented platform technology capable of modifying natural glycosides via natural enzymatic processes, creating a new long-lasting low-toxicity product.

Glycoscience aims to fill a niche market with a huge volume of global sales, a market where no innovative products have been launched in the last 30 years.

Founding of the company

Formation of the first Glycoscience team, made up of medical graduates, MBAs and scientific experts with PhDs in synthetic organic chemistry and pharmacology.


First patent

Synthesis of new molecules and development of analytical methods. Toxicological tests and feasibility trials First patent application.


First product launch

Glycoscience's strategy currently involves licensing commercial rights to its products on a regional basis, while controlling the provision of raw materials to restrict industrial production. Glycoscience aims to supply its products at a price on par with other products currently on the market in order to ensure licensees are able to profit significantly from new launches


Development of new projects and products

Once the first product is launched on the market, Glycoscience will continue to develop new products and projects, while expanding its intellectual property base and its capacity to address and adapt to regulatory needs in the international arena.


Launch of second product

Launch of Glycoscience's second product for the European and US markets.