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We’re experts in organic chemistry, enzymeproduction and biocatalysis

We’ve created our own proprietary platform technology that allows us to add sugars to natural molecules to alter their physicochemical characteristics and enhance their activity, safety, absorption and release time.

Currently, we are clinically testing the efficacy and safety of our product as a natural topical insect repellent lasting over 24 hours for a wide range of applications.

Celso Clariana


Degree in Law from the University of Navarra and MBA from the Madrid Business Institute Specialized in organizational structures and launching of new products in multinational companies in the consumer sector, such as Fosforera Española or KP Foods, I have focused for a few years on the management of family businesses in the retail sector. Currently I combine the management of the family business with the undertaking of commercial projects on the internet, as well as in the organizational advice of new business projects

Dr. Esteve Guardia


MBA, graduate in medicine and with extensive experience in Licensing and Business Development at Almirall Laboratories. Former founder and CEO of biotechnology companies dedicated to industrial biocatalytic procedures. Advisor and member of the board of different biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the health sector. Esteve provides a wide network of contacts through which a potential distribution and license network for the new product can be established.

Dr. Peter W. Sutton

R&D Director

A PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Peter has extensive experience in the research and development of biocatalytic processes. He has worked as a senior researcher for the multinational GSK and has participated in the creation of new synthesis processes used by large pharmaceutical companies. Peter has developed the technology for Glycoscience and is the research director. Specifically, he will participate in the synthesis of the raw material. Likewise, as an expert technician in the field, he is in charge of contacting suppliers.

Dr. Jose Mª Palacios


A doctorate in chemistry and a post-doctorate in pharmacology and neuroscience, José Mª has extensive experience in the field of R&D project development, specifically in the definition, design and development of technological solutions and products in the pharmaceutical field. He has been laboratory head at the multinational Sandoz (now Novartis) for 10 years and Executive Director of Research and Development at Almirall for 13 years. In the framework of the project, he will participate in the process of transforming the glycoconjugate raw material into a pharmaceutical product that can be applied topically.

DRA. Angela Mourelle


Obtained her undergraduate degree in 2014 in chemistry, and her master's degree in experimental chemistry from the University of Oviedo. . She completed her doctoral thesis in biocatalysis under the supervision of Dr Vicente Gotor Fernández and Dr Iván Lavandera García. During her pre-doctoral studies, she was part of the research groups of Prof Nicholas J. Turner of University of Manchester and Dr Marco W. Fraaije of the University of Groningen, widely recognised for their great contributions in the field of biocatalysis. After her PhD, in 2019, she began postdoctoral research at IQAC-CSIC in Barcelona in the research group of Prof Pere Clapés, where she took part in preparing and screening enzyme libraries and studied the use of metalloproteins for the formation of carbon-nitrogen bonds.

Dr. Lluis Bosch


Holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Barcelona and a Master's degree in experimental organic chemistry from the UB’s Faculty of Chemistry. He also holds a PhD in organic chemistry with the title Synthesis of HIV Integrase Inhibitors. Over the course of his career, Dr Bosch has acquired extensive experience in core techniques for purifying and characterising organic molecules, as well as wide-reaching knowledge of spectroscopic techniques to identify and characterise the structure of organic compounds and purify them. After completing his PhD, Dr Bosch was hired by CSIC-IQAC, where he participated in the synthesis of small molecules, as well as in glycosylation reactions of some peptides for subsequent study and medical application.

DRA. Joana Gangoiti


With a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of the Basque Country, Joana is an expert in the field of enzyme biotechnology. Specialised in the identification, characterisation and improvement of biocatalysts, Joana has worked as a senior researcher at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands), where she has carried out research for agri-food industries such as Nestlé and Avebe. Subsequently, she has also gained experience in the industrial field doing research for biotech companies such as CarbExplore Research BV (The Netherlands) and BIOLAN (Spain), the latter after being awarded a Marie Curie European post-doctoral fellowship.
As part of the Glycoscience team, Joana is involved in the development of new enzymatic bioprocesses for the synthesis of an improved line of mosquito repellents.

Luis Armendáriz

R&D coordination

Holds a law degree from the University of Navarra and a master’s in marketing management from EADA. He specialises in the management of service companies and teams, consolidating organisations and identifying business opportunities. He has also studied digital marketing, digital competences, and holds a master’s in business unit management. He’s held positions in general management (Iruña S.A., Biasteri Turismo S.A., Chic&Basic Solution S.L.), purchasing, human resources, financial management, marketing management (P&J Grupo Bertelsmann, Grupo HG), and business development (AC Hotels, Aymasa).

Pilar Fernández


Studied law at the University of La Rioja and holds a master’s degree in applied microcomputing in business . Specialisation in patent database management. She has extensive experience in the area of administration, legislation and development of biotech and pharmaceutical start-ups. Has held various positions in start-ups such as Farmatec, in the records unit and liaising with AEMPS and EMA, as well as others, such as Plasmia Biotech and Prokrea BCN, and, lastly, Glycoscience, where she currently heads the Department of Administration, Institutional Relations and Patents.