A revolution in the chemical modification of bioactive compounds using our proprietary, controlled release sugar-based technology


Associating sugar molecules with active ingredients to improve the release times and efficacy of many topical products.

How does it work?

Based on nature, GLYCO-PROSIDE technology represents a totally new concept in the release of active ingredients for topical application on human skin.

Using enzymatic, cell-free synthetic biological processes, sugar molecules are attached using sustainable and environmentally benign processes to natural or synthetic active ingredients, forming stable GLYCO-PROSIDE conjugates.

On contact with the skin, these GLYCO-PROSIDEs release their active ingredients in a controlled manner through biomimetic processes.

GLYCO-PROSIDE technology can be extensively tuned to modulate the chemical properties and rate of release of a broad range of active ingredients.


Our first product, an improved and long lasting formulation based on a well-known natural PMD ingredient, will be launched in 2023. New products, based on advanced PMD derivatives will follow from 2025. The company expects to file new patents and continue development and will soon be able to announce new additions to its product pipeline.

Glycoscience is also testing the application of its technology towards other insects, as well as their eggs and larvae, with the aim of identifying new and lucrative products for use in humans, animals, and the agro-industry.


With three European patents applications and others in the drafting process, Glycoscience’s first products have demonstrated impressive results in human trials.