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A biotech hub

Glycoscience has recently commissioned state-of-the-art R&D and bioprocess development facilities within the BIC Bizkaia to add to its chemical facilities based in Barcelona. This powerful combination of chemistry and biotechnology enables the Glycoscience team to rapidy identify new lead molecules, screen for new non-commercial enzymes and develop cost efficient bioprocesses for their scale-up. This relies on closely working with our growing network of partners.

Keys to


Game-changing value proposition for safe, natural and long-lasting insect repellents

Glycoscience has developed new molecules based on its patented technology to improve on current repellents available in the insect repellent market and enhance their characteristics to offer new, safe and long-lasting products.

Best-in-class technology with strong intellectual property protection

The Glycoscience team has developed a mechanism protected by intellectual property law to modify the physicochemical characteristics of molecules that allows for controlled and safe release of a wide range of compounds.

Our proprietary platform technology provides great advantages for different applications

Nature has exploited sugars to store and release bioactive compounds using enzymes for millenia. Based on this knowledge, Glycoscience has found a way to efficiently produce a novel class of biomimetic glycoconjugates, called GLYCO-PROSIDES, using cell-free synthetic biological techniques. Unlike traditional glycoconjugates, GLYCO-PROSIDES are versatile delivery systems that can release bioactive compounds within a broad variety of biological and non-biological environments and that can be finely tuned to optimise polarity and rate of delivery to suit application.

Regeneration by means of bringing innovation to a large, traditional and stable market that’s ripe for change

The demand for safe and durable mosquito repellents has grown by 10% annually, and manufacturers are still unable to keep up with demand. It’s a market with core products that’s remained unchanged for the last 30 years.