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Glycoscience launches Glyco-Protec® in the French market.

Glycoscience markets its highly effective plant-based insect repellent, GLYCO-PROTEC, in the French market through the pharmaceutical channel!

This breakthrough is not only important for Glycoscience, but also for the insect repellent industry in general, as it allows people to achieve effective protection without harmful chemicals such as DEET, which is present in other long-lasting insect repellents. With at least 12 hours protection, also against tiger mosquitoes, GLYCO-PROTEC is a scientifically proven solution to protect against insects.
With this launch, Glycoscience demonstrates its commitment to the research and development of natural and innovative products and lead the way towards the development of safer and more effective products in the field of insect repellents.
In addition to this distribution agreement, Glycoscience will also undertake other agreements to introduce this product into the main European markets